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Plaza Globalia, local L3, Av. Alemania, El Cortecito, Bavaro - Dominican Republic



Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team has experience in different techniques and work processes to MAXIMIZE RESULTS

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)​

Olivier Levesque

A man whose spirit is as adventurous as his business acumen is profound. Driven by an insatiable passion for exploration and discovery, Olivier has amassed invaluable experiences from nearly 30 countries before anchoring himself in the captivating surroundings of the Dominican Republic in 2008.

Backed by an illustrious 20-year-long journey in the dynamic sphere of the Tourism Industry, Olivier’s multifaceted skill-set is as diverse as the landscapes he’s traversed. His extensive professional repertoire spans across varied roles such as Public Relations, Head Sales Team Manager, Marketing Manager, Tour Leader, to Operations Coordinator.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)​

Abraham Bencid

The maestro of digital innovation and brand creation. With a passion so fierce that he quite literally lives and breathes brands, Abraham embodies the very essence of creative genius. Design, creation, and brand recognition don’t just excite him, they’re etched into his DNA.

In a career spanning 15 invigorating years, Abraham has left his distinctive creative footprint in over 30 countries, assuming the mantle of a Creative Director. A gifted professional photographer, and an unparalleled video and design artist, he harnesses his talents to paint vibrant pictures that bring brands to life.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)​

Viviana Proietti

A powerhouse of operational excellence and dynamic leadership. With an unwavering thirst for new adventures and challenges, Viviana has traversed the globe, living each moment with unyielding enthusiasm.

Not just a polyglot with fluency in four languages, Viviana is also a polymath with an impressive portfolio of professional expertise. She brings to the table a diverse background spanning Public Relations, Customer Services, Real Estate, Team Leadership, and Coordination.